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8.- Construction & Rehabilitation

GT&SI S.L. Group is in favour of an organized company, commited to the goals incurred with its customers in construction activity (housing construction, urbanisations, civil and industrial works).  



Our extensive professional experience in the great company, leading the development of all kind of projects, allows us to meet new challenges with guarantees, from the perspective of a specialized company in building construction and industrial development.


The identification and motivation with each of the projects we undertake, coupled with a continuous training allows us to develop the talent and knowledges that are the basis of our policy. We offer different options for construction and use of materials, to achieve the most economical and fast solutions.


We cover all areas of the project, since the license works until the delivery of keys.


We carry out projects to individuals who wish to build their home and to promoters. We study your project and needs and we offer the best solutions in the market delivering the project within the time limits.



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The rehabilitation of buildings has to observe pathologies, root causes of pathologies and deterioration, as well as treatments needed to delete, stop or slow down the process of agression to the construction. 


We must recognize the value of communities to rehabilitate so as not to lose the essence of the original building when necessary.


We are a group of construction companies, specialized in the rehabilitation and conservation of buildings, in works to reinforce structures and foundations, waterproofing roofs as well as in the placement of external thermal insulation, painting of facades, in coatings, and external plastering and, in general, in all sorts of vertical work with or without scaffolding. If you are looking for building restoration companies, rely on the professionalism of our technicians.



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