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7.- Integral Maintenance

We are a group of companies that offers a set of services for the company, with the ultimate aim of providing  a comprehensive high quality service in the ambit of buildings and industries integral maintenance.


Integral maintenance of facilities and services.


Services comprehensive management  (Facilities Management) works and reforms.


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We offer the establishment and implementation of the three types of maintenance, to make your building, construction or civil engineering work as effective as possible:


Projective Maintenance: during the execution of your project. We help to raise from the beginning, all the actions to do in order to your maintenance be the most economical and effective as possible. This study is performed for a long-term maintenance.


Preventive Maintenance: designed for the medium term maintenance, with an objetive, that in the existing building, do not arise defects or failures that can affect the safety, health, habitability, accessibility, comfort and functionality.


Corrective Maintenance: this maintenance is performed when a defect or problem emerges, which prevents the normal operation of the building or property. Then we proceed immediately to rectify it. 


GRUPO GT&SI S.L. Gestión técnica y servicio integral