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4.- Reports, certificates and Opinions



 - Reports of technical inspection of buildings. (ITE).


 For the acreditation of the state of preservation and security of the exterior elements and structures of buildings. Visual inspection is performed to verify the existence of deficiencies or pathologies that require additional proceedings to determine the physical condition of the building elements.



Reports of injuries and pathologies of the building (Building and facilities).

We have experts in injuries and pathologies of the building. We develop studies and reports of defects in buildings and works in general.


For the development of these reports we perform the following steps:

- Visit, photographic reportage and data collection.

- Sampling, evidences, test  and testing required for each case.

- Results analysis.

- Recalculation of structures and facilities required for finding the best solution.

- Proposal for technical and economic solutions.

- Technical Report or project looking at the existing pathologies and the proposed solutions taking into account the recalculations and studies in the identification process.


Expert Opinions in legal proceedings.


Once made the report of injuries and diseases of any type of building or civil engineering works, we have expert opinions for judicial proceedings. We defend them in the process from our professional experience and on the basis of the regulations applicable to each case.


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