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3.- Documentation Management



- Licenses of establishment activities.

We take care of everything necessary for obtaining a license to open your business, office or premise:

    - Measurements and studies to be carried out in your premise: noise, fire-prevention, air conditioning, etc.

    - Technical advice.

    - Development and elaboration of the technical project and/or solidity and security certificate.

     .Procedures and legal steps: document submissión, payment of fees...WE PROCESS ALL YOUR DOCUMENTATION to the competent bodies:

              Official College of Experts and Industrial Technical Engineers, city hall, departments...


And if you want, we carry out the reforms and facilities necessary for the adequacy of its premise to the activity to be performed, in accordance with current regulations.


- Legalizations.

We legalize your projects, works or old installations, we make all the necessary formalities to regularize your situation.


- Quality control.

We conduct a thorough quality control of your building works, civil and industrial, both from the beginning of the drafting, as from its execution and completion or reception.


Our experts perform the following checks:


  • During the project development.

       - Drafting and monitoring of the quality control plan and inspection points.

       - Project supervision.

       - Measurements revision.


  • During the execution of the works.

       - Reception at work and documentary control of materials and equipment.

       - Supervision of tests about quality control of materials and validation of results.

       - Monitoring of the implementation.

       - Certification of the progress of works.


  • At the end of the works.

       - Review for the final reception of the works.

       - Listings of reviews and monitorings.

       - Revision of final documentation.


-Emergency and Evacuation plans.

 We carry out the emergency plan for your business or new construction. As well as we update the existing one according to the rules.



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