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1.- Building Projects, Industrial and Facilities




-- New construction project.


 We make any building project you need of new construction. Tell us what you need and we will carry out the project, using the most modern tools available in the market for the development and optimization of your project.


We use for its development, 3D drawing systems, so you can see your home or building in three dimensions, with the distribution and finishes you want. In this way, you will have a clear vision of how your project will be finished.


-- Extensión, renovation and/or rehabilitation of buildings.

We study your expansion or rehabilitation needs (to any building) and we offer you the best solutions, so we proceed with its development to the customer satisfaction. All done with highly skilled and experienced professionals and experience in the sector.


-- Maintenance and conservation of buildings.


We plan, we develop reports, projects and follow-up of any kind of edification, for a correct maintenance of the buildings, and its facilities. Avoid the aging of the building and its defective functioning. We inform you of all the maintenance that must be done in accordance with existing regulations and the comfort of its occupants. Make your building complies with the requirements in accordance with safety, health, habitability, accessibility, comfort and functionality.


We perform the three types of reports for the effective maintenance of your building:


- Projective Maintenance: made during the execution of the project, a long-term maintenance.


- Preventive Maintenance: designed to a short term.


- Corrective Maintenance: immediate.


-- Reform and adequacy of premises.

We do all kind of reform projects and adjustements at your premises, for any type of activity, we will manage all the necessary documentation too.


-- Implementation of auxiliary means: scaffolding, cranes...

We help you make all the projects and legalizations for the implantation of scaffolding, cranes and aids required in any type of work.


-- Occupation of public way.

Projects and management for the use of public roads, to works or any kind of events.


Pits and trenches.


We perform all the necessary documentation for the implementation of creeks and ditches on public roads. 


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 - Partial projects: measurements and budgets. Development of facilities.

We make measurements, budget or any implement to your project, such as project of: facilities, health and safety, environmental management ...


- Facilities Projects.

We offer our clients a personalized service of confidence, discretion and seriousness to develop projects, to offer solutions and to carry out works in the field of construction.

We know that it is not enough to offer conventional solutions. For this reason we offer imaginative answers based on the technology, efficiency, sustainability, and price. All framed on the needs of the customer and society.

We believe that it is possible the collaboration between people and companies in the area of  creation of wealth, comfort and sustainability. We believe that these relationships from different fields of knowledge provide synergies to evolve positively.

The design, planning, consulting and analysis of highly efficient and sustainable solutions within the various sectors, mainly in facilities, industrial, hospitality, trade and construction. Efficiency and innovation with unique solutions to provide the best solution to our customers.


- Energy efficiency (Audits and energy services).

 Analysis of lower energy consumption per unit of product produced or service provided, to increase energy efficiency.


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